Steve E. Clark Author and Attorney

Steve E. Clark presents ‘Justice Is for the Deserving’
A Kristen Kerry Novel of Suspense

Steve E. Clark Best Selling Author

Steve E, Clark–Best Selling Author
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What would you endure for love?

Steve E. Clark - Justice Is for the Deserving thriller and suspense novel

​Kristen Kerry is in love with Michael Stern, but doesn’t entirely trust him. After killing the parolee who kidnapped Stern’s daughter, Kristen leaves the big malpractice firm that sent her to defend a lie and goes out on her own. While the meetings with hospital administrators seem to go well, the phone isn’t ringing. 

Dreading another day working crossword puzzles, Kristen comes to work and finds waiting for her Laura Dunn, a lovely young woman whose son died mysteriously at a hospital Kristen used to represent.  The case looks exciting, but to get hired Kristen will have to do business with a crook and be a turncoat against her former client. And she must accept a deal that could get her disbarred.

Amazingly, two more death cases, both involving children who died from no apparent cause in the same hospital on the same day, come to Kristen. Suddenly her new law firm is swamped with potentially huge cases. 

When the hospital offers to settle with the families, Kristen’s career as a plaintiff’s malpractice lawyer looks ready to take off–until she is charged with murder and her clients abandon her.

But Stern offers to defend her and help represent the one client Kristen has left. She decides to trust him, hoping that unravelling the mystery of that child’s death will lead them to the people who have tried to ruin Kristen’s life.

Stern asks for Kristen’s hand, but how can she marry him or even expect him to hang around when she has foolishly gotten herself entrapped? What Kristen doesn’t realize is 
she may not live long enough to go to trial and prove her innocence. Once again she will have to enter a dark, empty house and face a killer, this time one far more devious than an ex-con.

Justice Is For The Lonely,
​As seen in the New York Times, by Steve E. Clark

Steve E. Clark, Author at a book signing.

Steve Clark discussing his novel with a fan.

Justice Is for the Lonely- Steve E. Clark Author

Original – First Run Cover

Justice is for the Lonely, Fiction, Mystery, Crime and Thriller, Romance NovelSecond Print Book Cover

After successful heart surgery a former Dallas Cowboy mysteriously lapses into a permanent coma. The nurses and doctors claim they have no idea what happened. The football player’s family sues, claiming negligence by his cardiologist and Adventist Hospital.

Kristen Kerry’s boss, Pete McGee, is the lead counsel for the hospital. He thinks she wants on the case so badly he can order her into a clandestine mission. Do anything necessary to hook the doctor’s lawyer, sleazy Michael Stern, into a joint defense deal! Then double cross him in trial.

However McGee doesn’t know Kristen as well as he thinks. She is honest, tough, and hides a secret of childhood trauma. While Kristen struggles with her duty to her client and how to avoid her disgusting assignment, Stern plans to backstab her—after he has gotten her in bed.

The lawyers work and travel together.  Kristen grudgingly finds Stern attractive. Although an indifferent husband he’s a dedicated father. Stern is perplexed by Kristen’s resistance to his charm and the occasional melancholy he notices.

The lawyers play a game of chicken. Who will backstab the other first? When to strike? Stern’s plan unravels when he discovers Kristen’s secret. He doesn’t want to hurt her, but how can he betray his best client?

As the trial careens toward its conclusion Stern’s wife is stalked by Leonard Marrs, a rapist she helped parole. Marrs and one of Stern’s bitter associates, plan a kidnapping that will leave them rich and Stern ruined. Their scheme ends in murder.

Kristen pries into hospital records and realizes she might solve the mystery that could lead to the death penalty for Stern. She will have to risk her license, prison, and even her life venturing into a netherworld of evil. Unfortunately Kristen discovers the law doesn’t always appreciate heroes.