Joe Lansdale in More Better Deals (Little Brown, $27.00) has written a take-off on James Cain’s The Postman Always Rings Twice. Beautiful woman married to a disgusting wife beater, meets a younger good-looking guy, Ed Edwards, falls in love. They plan to murder the husband for his money. It is not an uncommon plot.

Lansdale has put some zip into the story by making the young guy a mixed race and setting it in the early 1960’s era of segregation. Edwards is also haunted by his combat experience in Korea. The young lovely is a total bitch and everyone except poor Edwards can see that. Edwards is desperately trying to help his little sister and alcoholic mother as a rationalization for murder.

Of course, the plans all go awry, and the police get suspicious. I won’t provide further details, but it is a quick read. Although the ending is not entirely surprising, it is a bit sad. I give the novel a solid B.

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