Kimberly McCreight has written a marvelous new mystery, A Good Marriage (Harper Collins, $27.99). Lizzie is a thirty-something lawyer new to a tall-tower major Manhattan law firm, struggling to keep up with a load of work and an alcoholic husband. She gets a call one late evening at work from Zach, a former classmate at Penn Law. She has not heard from him since she nixed any romance between them eleven years ago.

Zach is being held at Rikers, the most notorious prison in the country. Even though Lizzie does not do much criminal law, she was once in the U.S. Attorney’s office and Zach insists that she come to see him. She does, where she learns that Zach’s wife has been murdered and Zach is the main suspect.

As Lizzie investigates Zach and his marriage to Amanda, she learns that Amanda’s friends are a group of wives who attend an annual key party where people can hook up with another’s spouse. This was the last place that Amanda was seen prior to her death. Her husband left before she was seen “going upstairs.”

McCreight weaves in a number of possible suspects quite well, including Amanda’s own father, while poor Lizzie is trying to hide her own past from her husband and her law firm. Everyone has a secret they are withholding from either the world or their spouse.

The book is quite a comment upon modern marriage, even imparting a little advice about honesty and forgiveness. The ending is a surprise with the hints well hidden. It is one of those that when you’re done you go, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

A Good Marriage is a solid A. Pick it up and make it a weekend, then do something nice for your spouse.

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