Scared to Death

Have you ever been frightened? Frightened as in “scared to death”?

Kristen has several such experiences – entering a dark slum house, a sudden assault by a killer in a walk-in closet, and two struggles with rapist Leonard Marrs without giving too much – away she does surprise.

Military studies tell us only a tiny fraction of soldiers experience no fear. Most overcome fear and still function in combat thanks to training and experience, of course some don’t.  

Recklessness is a character trait common to adult children of alcoholics, often leading to what looks like bravery. Kristen may be more reckless than courageous. Either way in flight or fight situations she fights.

Here is a little taste of what Kristen will face in future books to come.

I felt the adrenaline rush, even tasted it as adrenal glands pumped juice into my muscles, making me stronger and faster, but the hormone slows your perception of time and causes tunnel-vison. I couldn’t focus beyond the asshole in front of me or cobble a better strategy than pummeling whoever was handy. Knowing the sensation of flailing could be counter-productive, I tried hard to keep thinking.

Have you experienced anything similar? I hope God was with you. Here’s an interesting piece on fear and the physiological reactions to it.

Steve E. Clark is New York Times Best Seller of Kristen Kerry Novels of Suspense. You can read more of Steve’s work here at www.KristineKerryNovelsofSuspense.com