Steve E. Clark

Author, Attorney and Reviewer

By Steve Clark

Justice Is for the Deserving

Novel of Suspense

What would you endure for love?

Kristen Kerry is in love with Michael Stern, but doesn’t entirely trust him. After killing the parolee who kidnapped Stern’s daughter, Kristen leaves the big malpractice firm that sent her to defend a lie and goes out on her own. While the meetings with hospital administrators seem to go well, the phone isn’t ringing.

Author, Attorney and Reviewer

Steve E. Clark

Steve Clark is an author and lawyer in Oklahoma City specializing in medical malpractice. He is a Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers, an honor limited to the top 1% of attorneys. He is also listed in The Best Lawyers in America.

Justice Is For The Lonely

As seen in the New York Times, by Steve E. Clark

Justice Is For The Lonely

After successful heart surgery a former Dallas Cowboy mysteriously lapses into a permanent coma. The nurses and doctors claim they have no idea what happened. The football player’s family sues, claiming negligence by his cardiologist and Adventist Hospital.

Kristen Kerry’s boss, Pete McGee, is the lead counsel for the hospital. He thinks she wants on the case so badly he can order her into a clandestine mission. Do anything necessary to hook the doctor’s lawyer, sleazy Michael Stern, into a joint defense deal! Then double cross him in trial.


“Justice Is for the Deserving” is a first-rate piece of fiction. A sequel to Steve Clark’s first novel, “Justice Is for the Lonely,”

– Michael Gibson


Steve Clark’s new series grabs you from page one and takes you into the legal entanglement of medical malpractice.

– K.S.H.


Well you have to like lawyers and be willing to follow several plots. They all come together nicely.

– Sharon

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